Before Riding the Train

Please purchase a ticket before riding the train. If you have an IC card (such as ICOCA or Suica), you don't need to purchase a ticket. Just make sure you have it charged beforehand and touch it to the ticket gate.

Before Riding the Train

If you mistakenly purchase the wrong ticket, please tell a member of staff before riding the train.

Before Riding the Train

How to use the Ticket Machine

  1. You can purchase tickets at either green or blue touch-panel ticket machines.
    Please pay in cash when purchasing tickets (valid only on the day of purchase; credit cards are not accepted).

    How to use the Ticket Machine
    1. 1

      Language selection (Japanese/English)

    2. 2

      Child fare button

    3. 3

      Coin slot

    4. 4

      Bill slot

    5. 5

      Ticket slot

    6. 6

      Change slot

  2. 1

    Confirm the price of your destination station on the fare table located above the ticket machines.
    Black-colored numbers are fares for adults, and red-colored numbers are for children.

    How to use the Ticket Machine
  3. 2

    Press the "English" button 1 on the top-right of the screen in order to proceed with the ticket-purchasing process in English.

    How to use the Ticket Machine

    If you wish to purchase a child ticket, press the "Child" button 2

    How to use the Ticket Machine

Adults and Children

12+ years old(Junior high school student or older)
  • Adult fare.
6–11 years old (Elementary school students)
  • As a child, the fare is half of the adult fare. However, total prices are rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10.
    Example: A child ticket for a 150-yen travel distance: 150 ÷ 2 = 75. The fare is rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10 for a price of 80 yen.
1–5 years old
  • When traveling with a passenger 6 years of age or older who holds a fare ticket, up to 2 infants may ride for free.
  • Child fare must be paid in the following cases:
    1. 1. When there are more than 2 infants.
    2. 2. When an infant is traveling alone.
    3. 3. When an infant is traveling in a group of infants, or when traveling with a group of adults and children.
Less than 1 year old
  • Babies may ride for free.