Videos by Keihan

The road of the water – Lake Biwa Canal

The Lake Biwa Canal is a waterway built to carry water from Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, in Shiga Prefecture to Kyoto. The canal was constructed over a period of about five years and cost around twice the 1885 annual budget of Kyoto Prefecture.
This video is a recording of the beautiful scenery along the Lake Biwa Canal. Enjoy how the beauty of the canal changes between spring and fall.
You can visit all of the locations featured in the video using Keihan Electric Railway.

Eizan Railway Momiji (Maple Tree) Tunnel

Between Ichihara and Ninose Stations on Eizan Electric Railway is a tunnel about 250 meters long that is known as the Maple Leaf Tunnel. It is named that because in fall, the maple trees on both sides of the tracks turn a brilliant red, seeming to form a tunnel that the train passes through. When the leaves change color, the way is lit with lights in the evening into the night as in this video. One of the top locations in Kyoto not to miss when sightseeing.