How to Purchase Tickets (Using Ticket Machines) [Keihan Line]

Purchasing a Standard One-Way Ticket (Using Ticket Machines)

You can purchase tickets at either green or blue touch-panel ticket machines.
Please pay in cash when purchasing tickets (valid only on the day of purchase; credit cards are not accepted).

Language selection (Japanese/English)
Child fare button
Coin slot
Bill slot
Ticket slot
Change slot


Confirm the price of your destination station on the fare table located above the ticket machines. Black-colored numbers are fares for adults, and red-colored numbers are for children.


Press the “English” button(1) on the top-right of the screen in order to proceed with the ticket-purchasing process in English.

If you wish to purchase a child ticket, press the “Child” button(2).


Insert money into the machine(3)(4).


The buttons for tickets that you can purchase will turn green. Push the fare price for the ticket you wish to purchase.


Please take your ticket when it comes out of the ticket slot(5). Make sure to take any change that is dispensed(6).

How to Pass Through Station Ticket Gates (When Using a Standard One-Way Ticket)

  • After purchasing a ticket, insert it into the slot on the right-hand side of one of the ticket gates.
  • Pass through the ticket gate, and remember to take your ticket from the other end of the gate.
  • Your ticket will be necessary when you exit through the ticket gates at your destination, so keep it with you, making sure to avoid bending or dirtying it.
  • Once you insert your ticket and pass through the ticket gates at your destination station, the ticket will not be returned.

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