Route Map and Stations

Train Service Types

For trains in service, the train’s destination and service type are displayed on the upper portion of the outside of each train car.

  • Limited Exp.
  • Sub-exp.(Commuter Sub-exp.)
  • Rapid Exp.(Commuter Rapid Exp .)
  • Semi-exp.
  • Express(Midnight Exp.)
  • Local

Trains stop at stations marked with a symbol on the route map.

Route Map and Stations

Keihan Railway: Introduction to Limited Express Services

Only a basic fare ticket is required to ride Keihan limited express trains; no additional limited express fee or reservation is required. Limited express trains run between Kyoto and Osaka at an average interval of 10 minutes, from morning until night. In-train announcements are also made in English, so you can ride with peace of mind.

Elegant Saloon / 8000 Series

This train series includes two-story passenger cars. The exterior color scheme is a combination of red, yellow, and gold bands.

Comfort Saloon / 3000 Series

This series features a spacious seating arrangement, with pairs of seats on one side and single seats on the other. In-car LCD monitors display information in English. The exterior color scheme is a combination of navy, white, and silver bands.

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